Langhe Rosato Ressia 2020

Carpe Vinum Langhe Rosato!

From the hills of Barbaresco, the "rosé" you don't expect!

Carpe Vinum Langhe Rosato is a fresh, unexpected, pink take on Dolcetto!

It originates among my beloved hills, in the land I consider my own little corner of paradise.

When I embarked on this adventure, I never expected to have news like this to give you. Today a dream has come true! I am very honoured and excited to announce that the Azienda Agricola Ressia, in the person of Fabrizio Ressia,has chosen our brand “Carpe Vinum” to launch its latest creation!

A limited edition rosé with just 884 rigorously numbered bottles.

I have tasted it myself, but – just this once – I’m going to keep my opinion to myself for the moment: I’ll leave it to you to savour it, without colouring your judgement… and yes, I am so enthusiastic that I admit I might just be biased this time!

Carpe Vinum is Fabrizio Ressia’s tribute to a grape variety that has meant so much to the Langhe area for such a long time in the past. It has taken three years to ensure nothing was left to chance and to fine-tune the winemaking process.

The new nectar, already a candidate to bring colour and flavour to this spring, is obtained from crushed and destemmed Dolcetto grapes, produced from 50-year-old vines, with an exclusively southern exposure and very low yields per hectare (50q/ha). The crushed grapes are cryo-macerated for 12 hours at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, after which 30% is removed:  drawing-off technique.

This base is fermented at a low temperature: 13 degrees for 25 days.  The end of fermentation is followed by a period of batonnage on the fine lees for 40 days. It is then racked into temperature-controlled steel barrels where it decants naturally for 40 days and is then transferred to other steel barrels, pending bottling.

In short, a good 6 months go by from harvest to bottle, for a product made with loving care.

I’m also very impressed with the price/quality ratio of Carpe Vinum Langhe Rosato: 14 euros per bottle. Another good reason for purchase is Fabrizio’s decision to donate 1 euro for every bottle sold to scientific research in the medical field, as a gesture of solidarity and thanks to those who have worked and are still working on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.

If you are interested in this new creation, you can ask to be contacted directly by the manufacturer by sending an email to This is the only purchasing option for the moment.

In the meantime, I hope that this spring will mark the end of these truly trying times, signalling a Renaissance, a rebirth… toasted – why not – with a nice glass of Carpe Vinum Langhe Rosato!

I will keep you updated… see you again soon!



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